Thursday, January 15, 2009

my space

At 8.58am in my room it is 36 degrees (c). That's a whopping 98.6 degrees (f)!
Oh yeah, of course, it's summer! I remember.

Most of the year I love my room. I sleep with the blinds up and the curtains drawn, I wake with the sun and sleep with the stars. It faces east/south/east, and it catches most of the breezes that fly through Sydney's western suburbs. At night it cools fastest of all the rooms in the house. The large iron bark gum fills my view from the pillow, and it creates various soundscapes as the wind rustles the leaves or rain falls. The cicadas love it, and right now they are singing away. At various times of the year, rainbow lorikeets squark to each other, and the cats love nothing better than that rough bark for sharpening their claws.

Today, I don't feel the love quite so much. Its hot, again, and even with the ceiling fan going, there's no relief from the pervasive warmth creeping in. For only the second time this summer the blinds and curtains are closed and I have abandoned the spinning wheel and knitting, and decided to play on the computer instead. A little later the back half of my house will be stinking hot, (even though it is shielded by a huge verandah and some trees in the back yard) and I will be forced to run the air conditioner. I almost hate to say it, but the frigid air at work (where the air con is always set to antarctic) is looking good today. (I am still on annual leave for two more days, stop thinking of work.)

As always the main concern is for the pets, especially the dopey dogs, who love nothing better than to "dig" to the bottom of the water bowl, sending showers of water over themselves and emptying out the contents of their bowl. Pesky critters, who'd a thunk all that fur kept them warm????

Any hoo, I should do just a little more work on the ISE7 scarf, because in contrast to temps here, my buddy is drowning in snow and the trees at her place are having to have ice knocked of their branches to stop them falling down in the frigid temperatures. Hey bud how about sending a little cold down under??? She really needs some more scarf love to come her way.

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