Thursday, September 12, 2013


Coming up in the next couple of months:
1. Spring retreat, Kandos, 21/22 September 2013,
2. Phantom of the Opera Sutherland 28 September 2013,
2.A. A murder is announced, Thursday 3 October 2013,
3. Running of the sheep, Boorowa, 5/6/7 October 2013,
4. ?Scrap booking at Hotel Blue Katoomba,12/13 October 2013,
5. Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival (not sure if I can go to this one) 26/27 October 2013,
6. Rylstone Street Feast 2 November 2013,
7. Kandos Garden Festival,9/10 November 2013
8. Seekers rescheduled concert 15 November 2013 (tickets transfer across)
9. Bach Concert at the Opera House 16 December 2013

I think I am vaguely busy!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Life goes on

I am in the process of tidying up the house in order to put it on the market and close a chapter of my life. Of course, Geoff has been gone more than 7 years now (17/2/2006), so it is time to move on, but what with the offspring still residing in the home we all shared, it seemed too soon yet to finish. Geffo moved into his mums when he moved out, (not for long he said and she said), "I'll get my own place, and build a new life", which have proved to be famous last words. He is still at his mums, having some sort of "relationship" with a lady, (after his overseas flings), and no closer to renting his own place. He constantly whinges about having to contribute to a house he does not live in, although he only just covers half the mortgage payment and some of the health cover for himself. There is no longer any contribution to the rates, insurance or maintenance costs. He just loves to have a whinge. There are still three of his children living at home, so I can't see what the problem is, but anyway he's had enough of it. So we are all moving out. I have been looking at housing in the blue mountains, since it's one of those places I have always wanted to live. Unfortunately I am not quite in a position to put down a deposit, and this has seen me miss three very nice places so far (one of which went $25K under the asking price). To cap it all off one of the Sydney Sunday papers ran an ed. that the Blue Mountains were the way to go for cheap housing, thanks for that stupid paper. Now I will have to fight off the gen Y's when they all run to the mountains and drive up the prices. Kandos is looking better and better, all I really need is a job (like so many kids/adults in the country), what do you think my chances are?

Friday, February 22, 2013

more future fun

Hi, here it is almost the end of February 2013, and this is the first post of the year? Oh well, onward and upward! This week will see me journeying with Mother and Sister Catherine, to visit the Convent at Kandos and attend the Rylstone/Kandos show. I have entered a small triangle shawll, the same one that came first in Berry. It will be up against some stiff competition, as to be expected, from the Her Mother Superior, Margot,and the uber prize winning entries from Dubbo. It's a wonderful thrill to see your work on display, and I am hopeful of a successful outcome. The group will be meeting up for a Yum Cha morning tea/early lunch in Rylstone and then heading on to the show. Tea will undoubtedly be somewhere local and then back to the Fairways at Kandos, since I did not want to ask mum to sleep on a matress on the floor at the Convent. Breakfast will be at the railway station, and then probably a trip to Dunns Swamp and then on to Gulgong, back to Blackheath for lunch/afternoon tea, finishing up back at mine some time around 5pm Sunday. Its full on for the fourth weekend in a row, but what an adventure it has been. Previous weekends have involved time away in Gerringong (at the Mercure), Katoomba (at Hotel Blue), at Kiama (with Sister Catherine). and to top it all off, March is shaping up to be busy too with time away with Sister Catherine and Mother in Kangaroo Valley for a quilt show at Nowra, and Easter in Gerringong. This year is full up certainly, at some stage the family home is going on the market, and huge changes will then proceed from this. Bring it on (I think). we'll see how it all goes. cheers for now gemma #gemmagogo (I know this only works on twitter)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Future fun

With everything that is going on around me sometimes it's hard to stop and write. Since last post I have been on weekends away, had a pet in hospital, a sick day off work, shared adventures with friend and had to share adventures by Twitter because I could not be there in person. I love being busy, but sometimes I wish I could slow down. Been to: Jervis Bay, Killelea State Park, Sussannah Place Museum, Weroogil, ballet (sleeping beauty. Had lunches, dinners and high teas all over Sydney (and the Illawarra) Been with friends and family and been on my own. It's been very hectic and enjoyable. My niece Melissa married her man, but if geffo hadn't told me I'd not have even known. His special friend has just had her third breast cancer operation, which is frankly horrible, no one deserves this shitty disease. Bandit the terrible has just come home from4 days at the vet hospital because of another abscess, wish he would just flatten bloody Mr Jinx. I am yet to get to the north wst for a prayer session at St Dominic's, built i'll get there soon.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

why are we here?

I don't know about you, but my mission in life at the moment seems to be to start as many projects as I can, and then struggle to finish any of them. It would be embarrassing to list all the WIP's, but there are shawls, a scarf (or two), cardigan, socks. All kinds of things, oh yes, not to mention the blankets. Everything is being worked on, but its slow and steady at present, so nothing is finished. The thing which must not be named (happening in Londinium at the moment) is a little encouragement for working, but to be fair it's on in the middle of the night and I still have to get up and work, so I don't usually last too much past about 9.30pm. I'm up with the morning routine around 5.30am, cats, dogs, food prep, washing (me and the clothes) and then out the door by 7.30 at the latest. I had a nice weekend with a girly night on Friday at Katoomba, high tea Saturday afternoon at Mosman, and then Sunday at my mum's and my sister's. Lovely. sometime soon, I promise, I will schedule in a whole lot of housework, but until then its a lick and a promise, as Nana May used to say..... cheers Gemma

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have recently spent a wonderful week in the Southern Highlands/South Coast area, firstly Berry and then Tapitallee. It was cool, but not freezing, mostly sunny and with a couple of truly outstanding crystal clear nights, where the milky way winked and sparkled overhead. Star gazer's nirvana that's for sure. there were multitudes of birds, from tiny thornbills to the enormous eagles soaring overhead on afternoon, dear little wrens and such wonderful songbirds. the thing that always makes or breaks a holiday of course is the company. This time round I was very blessed to share with one of my sisters, Catherine, and along with our knitting and cooking we spent many companionable hours just watching the world go by as we knitted on the little verandah or on the sunny apron of the driveway, catching up on our lives and getting a little vitamin D. no trip to the south would be complete without the obligatory visit to Sew and Tell at Berry, so of course we stopped in (maybe more than once) for a little yarn refreshment. The inaugural "Tour de Berry" was in full swing in the town too, with events, food tastings and various things available for purchase. funds were being raised to build a new wider footpath/bikeway around the local schools, a very worth cause, and so of course we had to have the French cheese tasting platter and drink bottle,and other bits and pieces. it was also the weekend of the Berry Fibre Muster, so of course we had to attend there as well. We entered the knit the fastest square competition, where I finished third and won a ball of yarn my friend Anne will be pleased to make something of. we bought raffle tickets and had lots of fun, meeting up with old friends, Hi Shirley from knit camp, I'm waving at you .... and saw some outstanding fibre art. Photos may follow if I can get used to this "new" computer, or not, but know that I had a lovely time and returned to work refreshed and ready to tackle the next six months with verve!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

oh no, not again

oh no, not again by Gemma_Anne
oh no, not again, a photo by Gemma_Anne on Flickr.

I organised an excursion for a few people to Canberra on the past weekend. We attended the Canberra show (home of some exquisit hand crafts, including some by the wonderfully talented Ludmilla) and saw as well the lovely Alpacas and llamas, sheep, goats, working dogs, and cattle (including one enormous steer). While we were out socialising Teddy, left to his own devices had a very good time, working on my sock and getting into the complimentary wine. I think teddy will need closer watching in the future.