Wednesday, February 04, 2015

holidays & tour de france

I have been back at work for a whole week, and as always it feels like I never left.

I feel like this year I merited the polka dot jersey for effort, as I knitted (designed) cowl, mitts & hat, the aim being use every metre of yarn from something extravagent, knitted 1 and 3/4 blankets for Save the Children with the lovely Sailor Coruscant knitting the rest of the squares for two completed blankets(and posted them off). I knitted two charity hats, and one scarf. not bad with two of the weeks of the tour falling during my normal working year.

I have not yet caught up with my knitting buddies to see how their various holidays went, but I will soon.

And I even had some photos of my holiday printed .... yep real actual photos! Wonders will never cease.



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