Friday, July 13, 2012


I have recently spent a wonderful week in the Southern Highlands/South Coast area, firstly Berry and then Tapitallee. It was cool, but not freezing, mostly sunny and with a couple of truly outstanding crystal clear nights, where the milky way winked and sparkled overhead. Star gazer's nirvana that's for sure. there were multitudes of birds, from tiny thornbills to the enormous eagles soaring overhead on afternoon, dear little wrens and such wonderful songbirds. the thing that always makes or breaks a holiday of course is the company. This time round I was very blessed to share with one of my sisters, Catherine, and along with our knitting and cooking we spent many companionable hours just watching the world go by as we knitted on the little verandah or on the sunny apron of the driveway, catching up on our lives and getting a little vitamin D. no trip to the south would be complete without the obligatory visit to Sew and Tell at Berry, so of course we stopped in (maybe more than once) for a little yarn refreshment. The inaugural "Tour de Berry" was in full swing in the town too, with events, food tastings and various things available for purchase. funds were being raised to build a new wider footpath/bikeway around the local schools, a very worth cause, and so of course we had to have the French cheese tasting platter and drink bottle,and other bits and pieces. it was also the weekend of the Berry Fibre Muster, so of course we had to attend there as well. We entered the knit the fastest square competition, where I finished third and won a ball of yarn my friend Anne will be pleased to make something of. we bought raffle tickets and had lots of fun, meeting up with old friends, Hi Shirley from knit camp, I'm waving at you .... and saw some outstanding fibre art. Photos may follow if I can get used to this "new" computer, or not, but know that I had a lovely time and returned to work refreshed and ready to tackle the next six months with verve!

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