Friday, February 29, 2008

Its been a good week. Most of the patients weren't too crazy, only one tried to hit me and he was a kid trying to be funny. Very bravely I just gave him a look and turned my back on him. When he realised I wasn't going to play that game, he sort of wandered off and started in on his mum. He's really not a nice person.

IK arrived in my letter box, but sometime during its transit from the states it got wet in one corner, and was in a fairly mucky state on arrival. It has dried out, but the top bound corner of the pages are nicely stuck together, and have to be encouraged apart in order to be enjoyed.

The last weekend of kids cricket looks like being one of the nicest all summer (just in time for autumn). And to make everything perfect, work is over for the week!!! Yay for Saturdays.

Gonna go spin, later.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Because I never have enough to do I have today signed up for this. Sounds like fun, unfortunately too many of the community colleges run these walks on week days, and bloody work gets in the way.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Note to self,
Dear Gemma,
read the article, don't just post about it!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello everyone, my name is Gemma and I have a small stash issue

The four very chunky and uneven white balls are my first attempts at spinnng on my wheel, from so long ago now.
I even have stash trying to escape

And stash about to be recycled to mum and the JP Village craftsters.

As for WIP, there were three shawls, three pairs of socks a baby surprise jacket and one cardi for moi, but now there are just a few less, some having gone for a dip in the frog pond as sense asserted itself, and I realised there was work sitting in that pile that would never be completed as it stood. (Please don't even ask how much feathers and eyelash yarn was hidden in a box at the bottom of the cupboard, how could I ever think that was a good idea???)

And for our afternoon tea today we had dragon fruit

Friday, February 22, 2008

After spending too much time angsting this week, here are some nice things that arrived to cheer me up. I am completely over having bad weeks, and from this time forward, declare all bad weeks banned!!!!! Bug off bad vibe fairy!

Sometime not long ago, Amy said she had heaps of bookmarks left over, and was willing to send them to the wide world. Knowing I was waiting on Amazon for copies of her books (yep that's 2 of 4 in the photo) I piped up and asked. She sent them along with two skeins of the loveliest pink (you know, that really does not do the colour justice, its so much more than pink) hand painted sock yarn. Really is super, and looks like its next up for the knitting.

Book one and book the third, hopefully Amazon will come through before I sucumb to temptation and read them out of order.

Ok, I know I will be in trouble for this one, but it was too good not to photograph and post, and because you don't hear him speak, you don't realise but the young man in the shirt was a hottie too, pommie accent, very sueeeet!

Socks at work, because even though there was *hit loads of sstuff to do, I had had enough by about 4.30 today.

Finishing off with two faces of my evil kitty, bandit.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Merino/Silk blend arrived in the parcel post just as I was leaving work, Alchemy colourway, which I have previously bought from Mandie in merino. I can hardly wait to go home and get my hands into this one, even the boss was impressed, so soft and shiney!! Now all I really need is more hours in the day, a housekeeper ......

Happy VD, one and all! Today is 2 years (-3 days) since the Absent Husband went home to his mother.

Its a funny thing, but like "they" say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. This is true.
Last week I had no lights in the house (but I did have power to appliances, so could cook in the semi light of lamps and candles) a flat tyre in some torrential rain (hey I was dry in the car, and the youngest son's socks got finished), and frankly I forget what else. It was a crumby week.

But today the sun is sort of shining, the youngest son is almost at the end of his first week of TAFE, which is an improvement on last year (where he did not do much for the whole year) and work has been pretty smooth running - not too many crazy people - which when you consider I work in a psychiatry practice is pretty good.

Onward to the weekend, and hopefully Saturday in Bowral to see the English/Aussie girl's playing for the Ashes.

(Best of all, the next installment of the Ewe Give Me the Knits fibre club (top paddock blends) is due this week, all eyes out for the postie!!!)

Monday, February 04, 2008

After a crummy weekend I came to work, and waiting for me was something nice. Yay for Mondays