Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sometimes when you think you are having a horrible, awful, no good day, something nice happens. The parcel post man just brought me a pressy, from a week or so ago,
looky .... yarn goodness from Ewe Give Me the Knits

And knitters are the nicest people on the planet ... despose all politicians and put the knitterly in charge I say.

hugs to all, and when spun I will post bragging (shame) pics on the blog (and this should happen not to long from now as the daughter who took over the spinning wheel now has her own! Goodness me two spinning wheeels in one house, and a piano - there must be more room these days.) Some good comes from everything!

Anyone feeling bad about themselves should check out this link.
See Gemma there are always people worse off than yourself. Buck up missy!

On a brighter note,
You know you are getting older when one of your children's friends buy their first home. (note to self, houses cost sooooo much more these days, glad its not me now in this situation). But seriously when did our kids get old enough to get into this much debt?

Like my mum always said "time flies, blow flies and butterflies".

edited :

my youngest son just rang me and said he had brought me something to cheer me up (because kids always know when you are feeling yukky) and he made me guess. When I did not get it after three tries, he informed me he had bubble wrap, because everyone knows when you feel down that lovely popping of bubbles is just what you need!
Dog, I love kids (even teenage boys)


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is a (really bad) scanned scarf, which I spun from the perfect fiber pictured earlier in May.
Cheers, its the Spring Breeze from That Spinning Place
with the pattern of Faux cable
which I first saw when Kate made it for her ISE4 partner, thanks Kate, I've made this in two different stripey yarns, and both look great.

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How many is too many scarves?
I still maintain there is no such thing, as long as they are different colours, styles, materials, there is room for lots of variety (and lets face it, some yarn is too darn expensive to knit into anything other than a scarf or pair of socks).
So I am about 1/3 of the way through a ball of Silk Maiden, in a lovely rich colourway which reminds me of black opals (my very favourite gem stones of all time).

The garter stitch border on the left is folded back and can't be seen, but you get the idea. Its truly something!

Work has as always been frantically busy, so blogging goes out the window, as I am not prepared to give up knitting or cooking instead, so it will be hit and miss for a while.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One more thing, and please let me know if you think me obsessed, but ...... here from the wilds of suburbia I bring you the willy tumbler.


Among the things I never thought I would see in my lifetime is my mum eating KFC. Yep, look again, it really is!!!!! She must have been really hungry :)

Then there is the random pink bush, which I once tried to grow in my Sydney garden, and it never looked like anything, and then apologised and just died. How good it looks in the colder region climate of Canberra.

It could be called cruel, but here is mum and Cat with the lovely autumn leaves Saturday night. I didn't even think it was that cold, but then I was not sitting still on a cold bench. Cath is wearing a falling leaves scarf in merino/silk lace weight from the Knittery. And last of all, Stash PR0N from the Celebration of Wool in Canberra (the reason for the trip after all)

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Road Trip, Saturday/Sunday

Mum, one of my sisters and I headed down the Hume to Canberra, just to raid the market
We bought lots of yarny goodness (photos will follow) and we met some very famous people, Bells, Othlon (in her famous hat) and Jejune, Lulu consented to being cuddled too! It was like meeting movie stars, you read their blogs and even though you have never met, if you see these people for real you just have to say hello!!

Among other notable things, we also went to the Gorman House markets on Saturday, and for a lovely visit to the lake just like every other tourist.

Dinner out Saturday night at Lawsons Bar and Grill.

Breakfast in the morning was more thrilling than I want to repeat. Our stove blew up (twice)!! I had ringing ears for several hours, and my dearling sister had first degree burns to one arm, and a ruined sweater. Blimey Charlie!

Meanwhile in memory of our nana :
Nana May's magic hands.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hello (insert your name here).
I could say I have been too busy to blog, and while it would be true, its not the whole truth. Its just when life goes smoothly, there is little change, and not much to report, and its always enjoyable, when life is smooth.

The majority of the clients at work this week have had no upsets in their lives lately, my family are all sailing along, and since its getting a little colder at night, much knitting goodness is happening, and so less computing.

A montage of photos follows of life in my neighbourhood on early Saturday morning, including, but not limited to a white wil11e.

You know what they say about big cars,

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

On Saturday morning, when I went walking ........
okay, I really bought these on ebay, but I was just bidding in the spinning wheel and the bobbins. Imagine my surprise/delight when also included were the combs, lazy Kate, carding combs and 2kg bag of merino roving, as well as four bobbins of really well spun singles, equivalent to approx 4ply.

Now all I need is more time.

Thank you Mr Ebay ..................


Friday, May 04, 2007

Behold the fabulous knitting dog, he knits my scarf when I am too tired to do this myself.

On another note, its secretary's day, and lookie, I got flowers. Lucky me, I been good :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So in the grand scheme of things I am very happy with what I am doing. Photos will follow of our weekend away (Ben - playing cricket - Mum and Me - knitting and cheering). Ben won his game, and filled in in a second game, which was unfortunately lost.

I am knitting socks (yarn from "the Knittery" - orchard 4ply sock yarn), and wrist warmers from home dyed yarn.

On the left is some hand spun sheep's wool from Chile, which the boss brought me home. Its ready for weaving/ knitting/dying, oh the possibilities are really endless. Right now all it is doing is hanging on the back of the bedroom door at home where I can stroke it. Everyone loves possibilities .....


Just as I was posting something special arrived from the postman.

Very yummy handpainted rovings, all ready for spinning from That Spinning Place.

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