Saturday, March 29, 2008

And also at Wool Addiction, Liz with some silk she bought at the spinners and weavers market months ago, wearing her first (?) knitted object, the pinky coloured cardigan.


Because it was fuzzy and rainbow coloured, this laceweight mohair followed me home from Wool Addiction the other day (shhhh, don't tell it I am a shawl ho, and that I have slightly more than one already)

MMM special low calorie easter eggs created by the lovely Elizabeth, using scraps of sock wool.

Naked Ismael the Monkey (sans ears), because I am a bad mummy and took the photo when Elizabeth was not looking, then found out later he is not yet finished. Yep that is more of her handiwork!

And then there are the cupcakes with frosting, done in pink for breast cancer awareness (yep even in pink patty cups), also by Elizabeth.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Don McLean concert .... where to start. The opening act, Sinead Burgess, what a shame she was only on for 30 minutes. She was enthusiastic and talented, and were it not for her the concert would have been a dead loss. (Note to Opera House, never let the roadies play with the sound levels!!!!) Worst sound in the history of the Opera House, loud crackly noise through the first 5 or so songs, with Don constantly being drowned out by the bass guitar (yes people, bass, drums, electric keyboard, grand piano, treble electric guitar). The only partly decent renditions were by Don accompanied only by the piano or a very clever electric guitar player. All in all time and money down the drain. Despite a 10 minute standing ovation by the die hard fans who stayed till the end (yep me too) no encore, not even a quick wave to say thanks. Just house lights and roadies. mmmm won't be doing that again.

On the way home on the train had a very fun time with a bunch of Irish youths (girls and boys) who were getting off at the same station as me. One of the boys, perhaps a little worse for drink, gave me a hug and asked me how was life, then wished me a happy Easter. The night was not a complete loss/


Friday, March 21, 2008

You know that yarn .... c'mon you have all bought it at least once, weird, funky, or in this case, like pink and white coconut ice with marshmallows. when stash diving the other day I found this and like a true yarn snob I was set to chuck it out. One of the kidlings saved it and now it is two hand/wrist warmer things. (ps it still looks like coconut & marshmallows, what was I thinking when I paid money for this?????)

wasn't me

wasn't me
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Whisper drives the dogs crazy, sitting just inside the glass door.

Spinning (fibre from the Spinners and Weavers sale day in January) vegetarian silk, which is soy silk, mmm gotta love soy, and as I am working with it I realised it was Barbie pink. eeek, don't tell the kids!

And because it is Friday here is the slothful Bandit, in his usual spot when I am home,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What are you doing on the weekend? I am going here, and seeing .....

It's truly scary to think last time I saw him in concert I was single, and in my teens. I can't believe I am still alive.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have signed up for the next International Scarf Exchange (ISE 6)

I had a great time the last two times, and this time around looks like being a bit of a challenge. My pal likes most colours (except chartreuse????) and on reading her blog, she seems to have had a few challenges herself over the past year or so.

I decided to go with lace, as she very wistfully suggested it would be nice, (but anything would be ok - she gave a range of colours, and very few dislikes) and have picked out a star pattern from Arctic Lace

I have loved this book since I bought it, and here is the perfect excuse to make something totally unique. I have ordered some yarn, which I will dye to a blue/midnight with some slight shadings of royal blue. Its funny how once you have made up your mind about a project you just want to start, and waiting for stuff to arrive is a bit of a pain.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally getting around to spinning the previous month's fibre offering from EGMTK fibre club. Thanks Mandie, as always colours are scrumptious.

Am trying for a DK two ply with lovely long colour repeats. Looking promising so far.

A snap of the Lovely Elizabeth, heading off to a party and hamming it up for the camera. This turned out so much nicer than the posed proper photo.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

In news, today I checked out the old family home, where I grew up. I can't believe how small it is now, but at the time I lived there it seemed so much bigger. The people who are living there now have polished the oak floor boards, put in a granite kitchen, and added sky lights which really lightened up the rather dark lounge room. I'll put in some photos later, but walking back into my old bedroom, the same lead paned glass that was there when I was a kid was somehow reassuring. Somethings never change.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The "Wicked Waterfront" tour of Sydney was as good as I had been promised. We visited the site of the first shipyard in Sydney, the gallows, the men's prison, various murder sites, a great view of the Opera House (involved in the first kidnapping in Australia) and the top of the lane above Pier 5, where plague first came to Sydney, the Hero of Waterloo and the Garrison Church. Judith was an inspired story teller, and clearly loved what she does (it always shows).