Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi Gemma,

Thanks for your note. It sounds like Mum went over the top - as usual.

I wasn't there to hear what Mum had to say, but ignore it. We are just tired of hearing from Mum all the really horrible things which, apparently, all my family is saying about us. I can tell you, it is very distressing to hear all that rubbish. So I pointed out the bloody obvious to her that none of us are perfect. That doesn't stop us from loving you, or even from liking you.

We certainly don't hold any grudges, but we have major responsibilities and just need the space we have created in order to fulfill our immediate commitments. That won't stop us from being there when we are needed - sometimes I just need to be told I'm needed, I'm not good at anticipating other peoples needs, even if those people think it should be obvious to me. This is a human fault - one of many existing in me.

So if you need help painting the gutters (for example) - call me - because I don't get there often enough to see it myself!

I do love you Sis, heaps & heaps.


Glad my response was moderate. From the tone our mother set it sounded like daggers at ten paces, and the "I'm never going to speak to those horrible people again" type of story.

The internet is not private, so nothing more can I say, but I think some telephone conversations are in order here. hugs to you all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi .......
mum told us all how you feel we have let ........... down. Maybe that might be true with me, I can't speak for anyone else, but I will say that seems untrue in (one sister's) case. She did not speak up on Australia Day, so I will just remind you that she used to come around to your house very, very regularly to visit with your wife and children.

Please let me know what you would like me to do to turn the situation around, because it was never my intention to be cruel or ignore .............. or your family.

I was sorry to hear about (her sister and ex husband), as I am sure you were sorry to hear about me and Geoff (it's been four years now - time certainly flies when you spend 45 hours per week at work, and then have to finance and run a home in your spare time).

PS, it is hard to find time when you and ........ are available to visit, and one such actually arranged visit did not proceed, as when I rang on the day to check the time I was expected Wella was running out the door because she had forgot I was coming over and had made other plans with ..............

I hope you are all well.


names removed to shield people from embarrassment.

this letter is the result of about 4 hours sleep, and several hours ruminating last night.

certainly the first (20?) or so drafts I wrote in my head last night when I finally calm enought to think were slightly (yes only slightly) more forceful. I know the internet is not private, so yes this is here for all to see. I was and continue to be very angry about the prounouncements made on Australia Day third hand through our mother who art at Heathcote. (oh no, another religious pun - I will surely be punished for that one too).

I am tired and really can't face another late night, so no knitting for me tonight.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Suburban Destruction

I'm sad to say I can't find a news link (although I saw the story on the 7 news program this morning) but my local op shop was burned to the ground this morning. It has been fire bombed at least twice before, and there is always junk deposited in the car park around it, which has also been known to be set alight, but this is just tragic. Only last week I was poring through the old and vintage knitting patterns and wishing I had more cash on me to buy a few more. Now the change is taken from me by some idiot.

The building is also historic as it was once a Pizza Hut, one of the first in Sydney and many a time when the kids were little was spent having a snack with flavour with my bestest buddy Rosemary. *sigh* Also this is not the first building attacked by a *head arsonist at Yagoona, the local BBQ chicken shop is still just a plyboard wall, never having been rebuilt after it mysteriously burned down a couple of years ago.

Pictures later.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

two thousand and ten

Hi Knitting Guild, my name is gemma and :
"I have been knitting/crafting since an early age, constantly expanding my horizons and trying new techniques - moving through arans and fair isles to fine lace.

I am enthusiastic and am keen to promote the Guild and I believe the Guild should continue to show a public face and presence to encourage new memberships - following the successful tradition of displays at craft shows and active participation at a local level."

Hopefully this is a non-threatening statement of intent.

I posted it, snail mail, to the returning officer today.