Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi .......
mum told us all how you feel we have let ........... down. Maybe that might be true with me, I can't speak for anyone else, but I will say that seems untrue in (one sister's) case. She did not speak up on Australia Day, so I will just remind you that she used to come around to your house very, very regularly to visit with your wife and children.

Please let me know what you would like me to do to turn the situation around, because it was never my intention to be cruel or ignore .............. or your family.

I was sorry to hear about (her sister and ex husband), as I am sure you were sorry to hear about me and Geoff (it's been four years now - time certainly flies when you spend 45 hours per week at work, and then have to finance and run a home in your spare time).

PS, it is hard to find time when you and ........ are available to visit, and one such actually arranged visit did not proceed, as when I rang on the day to check the time I was expected Wella was running out the door because she had forgot I was coming over and had made other plans with ..............

I hope you are all well.


names removed to shield people from embarrassment.

this letter is the result of about 4 hours sleep, and several hours ruminating last night.

certainly the first (20?) or so drafts I wrote in my head last night when I finally calm enought to think were slightly (yes only slightly) more forceful. I know the internet is not private, so yes this is here for all to see. I was and continue to be very angry about the prounouncements made on Australia Day third hand through our mother who art at Heathcote. (oh no, another religious pun - I will surely be punished for that one too).

I am tired and really can't face another late night, so no knitting for me tonight.


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