Sunday, January 10, 2010

Suburban Destruction

I'm sad to say I can't find a news link (although I saw the story on the 7 news program this morning) but my local op shop was burned to the ground this morning. It has been fire bombed at least twice before, and there is always junk deposited in the car park around it, which has also been known to be set alight, but this is just tragic. Only last week I was poring through the old and vintage knitting patterns and wishing I had more cash on me to buy a few more. Now the change is taken from me by some idiot.

The building is also historic as it was once a Pizza Hut, one of the first in Sydney and many a time when the kids were little was spent having a snack with flavour with my bestest buddy Rosemary. *sigh* Also this is not the first building attacked by a *head arsonist at Yagoona, the local BBQ chicken shop is still just a plyboard wall, never having been rebuilt after it mysteriously burned down a couple of years ago.

Pictures later.

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