Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I have had tadpoles for ages, and enjoyed frogs croaking from the yard of the church across the road. Patience, solar lights and lots of building rock piles around the pond have been rewarded in bucket loads. Not only have I had frogs singing at night but also in the day time, and today there are two "rafts" of frothy frog eggs floating in the pond!

I will have 2 generations of frogs in the pond at once. Guess Indie swimming in the pond did no harm after all. Best guess is a striped marsh frog or burrowing frog. I would like to see the frogs, at present all I have to go by is sound and egg raft.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Kandos is a gift that keeps on giving.

After an enormous weekend of Centenary celebrations (Working on the iPad I have not figured out how to get it to insert a link here, sigh) everyone was in the mood to chill. The blue tongue has been back to Margots a couple of times now, and even in spring I can see that the old plastic box will become Indy's favourite spot in the coming warm months.

The iris are wonderful and new colours are now appearing,

And a little gem has appeared in the backyard hidden in a quiet patch of shrubs.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

And an ENORMOUS weekend

The Governor and Mrs Hurley came to Kandos yesterday! Yes it was a very big deal!

His Excellency General The Honerable David Hurley ACT DSC (retired) and Mrs Hurley attended the Kandos Industrial Museum and His Excellency opened the renovated museum. It was his first official engagement since his appointment. The Vice Regals were so gracious and interested in everyone presented to them, which was all the volunteers. (Yep even me). My role was to explain the accessioning process, which apparently I did okay.

Whether because it was their first official engagement, or they are genuinely interested, they were gracious and did not rush through, taking time to view the significant items and listen as each of us waffled on about our roles. They blew out their timetable but did not seem phased not rushing. Very exciting indeed.

For the centenary weekend M's home is open for viewing and Mrs Hurley said she had been told she must visit if they find time. Will let you know :)

Ben is here for the weekend with Jenna, she's been around for so long she's one of his best friends/worst enemies (a little like a pesky sister).

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A BIG day

Every day is a big day these days. Taking "ownership" of my new home, gradually fine tuning where best suits my things and realising how much I no longer need around me (yellow boxes of kitchen junk I have not needed to unpack yet). It can be very liberating to just let go and live more simply.

This morning I have sat with the pets, read my favourite blogs and commented on one, then trimmed the edges and funny weedy patches of the back lawn. Now here I am writing and I still have a busy day ahead of me. Museum prep today, at least till lunch time, then back home to finish getting the house ready for guests. Lovely to have such different priorities these days.

Figs,bee flowers, lilac and funny pink star mossy ground cover. Yay for gardening surprises.

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