Friday, February 19, 2010


last night was Guild, and I "ran" the meeting since Penny was away.

At some point I read out a proposed letter to send to the Guild on behalf of the group. I was proud of the way the group discussed the letter, the situation and how they wished to proceed. There was no nasty name calling no silly finger pointing and I believe almost everyone signed the letter. Grown Ups, that's what they were. When someone disagreed with something said, no raised voices, only one person spoke at once (and not because someone waved a big stick or screamed, because it is the only rational way to discuss an emotive topic). Proud, that's how I felt!

Our letter will post today.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Guild - letter

Dear Convenors
I am sending this copy of a comment, which I made on the Guild website and have also sent to the Executive Committee, to you all in the interests of non-website users being included as far as I am able to do so without being able to personally contact all members. Please circulate as you see fit.
I wrote this comment in response to the situation which has arisen regarding the interpretation of the validity of the nominations for the Executive Committee for 2010 and the resignation of Jenny Chioatto from not only the Committee but the Guild (letter also posted on the Guild website).
Kind Regards
Merrin Marks
Blue Mountains Group

Tuesday 8 February 2010
To the Knitters’ Guild Executive Committee
I am formally submitting the following (which is also posted in the Guild’s website forum) as correspondence…
As presumably the new President (as things stand at the moment), I too feel that I have gained the position under “false” pretences due certain nominations for the Executive Committee, made by Guild members in good faith, being declared invalid, i.e. for lack of a signature and untimely membership renewals. Regrettably these nominees were not advised of the irregularity of their nominations nor were they afforded the opportunity to rectify the errors. The rectification of irregularities in nominations is allowed under NSW State Legislation.
I do not know why the nominees were not given the opportunity to rectify their nominations, nor do I know why the majority of the Executive voted that the “Date of Closure of Nominations” was the date of validity despite legal advice to the contrary, etc. etc.; but, for the sake of the reputation of the Guild, its members and its officers, I do add my request to others that the Executive Committee now afford the nominees whose votes were declared valid the opportunity to rectify the errors and allow their names to go forward for an election at the AGM. Fortunately there is still just enough time before the AGM for members to be advised of any changes.
This situation demonstrates the need for a thorough revision of the Guild’s Constitution and a review of its processes and terminologies to not only comply with the law but also to ensure probity and equity for all members.
We are a prestigious organisation, we have the Governor of NSW as our Patron, we all have an obligation to uphold and preserve the dignity and integrity of our organisation and our craft, which is why I am allowing my nomination for President to stand, election or no election.
Merrin Marks
Blue Mountains Group

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Knitting Guild

Read this for a beautifully put explanation of the stuff going on.