Friday, October 26, 2007

one for Ben.

cheers (heart attack central coming up)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have four tickets to Phantom of the Opera for May next year (where will I be in May????)!
Can you tell I am excited? (doing happy dance)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guess whose cricket team got sponsored by XXXX

Apparently they give away a night at the pub with the XXXX Angels for the best looking (most hysterically funny looking) cricketer dressed in the bikini. Saturday's game should be a crack up, when we get each of the boys dressed in turn in the gold bikini.

Also sent with the sponsorship were cooler bags, can holders (including a black one labelled "goose", a counter, pompoms, and the very large score board in the green and gold colours, shown above. Not bad at all for the cost of an email and a little time.

Thanks XXXX Gold.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

casting on

casting on
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See this is how it looks. Lucky I already learned how to magic loop, so this was pretty straight forward.

toe up socks

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Here is the first of my challenges for the Southern Summer of Socks, a pair, knitted from the toe up.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And another thing (a catching up post from last weekend in Mudgee)
Photos of some of the things previously blogged.

Top viaduct, two engines (man I love steam trains), Kat and me on Platform 9 & 3/4's and 3801

It was a fun time.

On the Weekend Lizzabirthdaycake and I went to the city to see Miss Saigon. We even stayed in a post little Hotel, the Blackett. Of course before I left home I had to grab some yarn and sticks, and what better for the Southern Summer of Socks than my Hill Country sock yarn in periwinkle blue (very pretty).

At the show there was some hooning around, drinking champagne and knitting the sock (yep in the lounge at Star City Casino (my first and last visit I hope). The show was perfect, pity about the venue, good theatre, but it is really against my instincts to go to a casino for any reason.

We had a great time, dinner in the city and then staying overnight, what a lark!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

You know how you never know someone who wins contests? Its always B* someone else, well just this once I know who won the Mitre 10 Father's Day promotion. My sister and her husband. And the Red Terror is the prize. They had not told their 4 kids, and so when they rocked up in it yesterday screams could be heard all over "the Shire".

Wahoo, someone real won a contest, yay cathie. Better photos will follow eventually.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Long Weekend, so what does a Sydneyte do?? Run out of town of course! If you have a learner driver who needs to get some hours up in an attempt to drive 100hours during the learning phase a long weekend is perfect.

Saturday just before lunch we headed off. I drove to Richmond and then the learner took over. I made her drive up the Bells Line of Road, rather than up the freeway, because its 20 years since I went that way, and because I remembered it would be less crowded (most of Sydney decamps for a long weekend away). Yep right on both counts. We had a light lunch at the Zig Zag Railway at Clarence, took a ride on the train, disel on the way down and classic steam on the way back up the hill.

We changed drivers after the train trip, and once we got to Lithgow changed again. (She still needs approximately 20 hours practice). We drover into the little town of Mudgee late saturday night, walked from the motel into town and had Thai food for dinner, yummmm and back to the motel for an early night.

There was some kind of wine festival on in Mudgee this weekend, so Sunday, as we explored, we followed crowds around some of the wineries for tastings. (solved this problem by hitting the smaller wineries), and the cheese place, but really the lady doing the tasting was both run off her feet by the "get drunk for free" brigade, that when she was looking after my daughter and I she was just mentally adding us to the list, so she was very short and abrupt, and poured too much wine in the glasses, and just assumed we wanted to try everything they offered. Forget it, trying to interrupt her was useless, and so we just left, money still in pocket. Maybe we'll try there again on a quieter weekend.

Thistle Hill is so nice I have booked a few days holiday in their cottage for winter next year (so funny, one of the local women was talking to the proprietor when I was arranging this, and gave me such a quizzical look as to why I would want to come there in the middle of winter? Perfect knitting weather, I told her, usually dry but so frosty, and clear, what could be nicer. Tropical Queensland was her answer! Its always greener in someone else's backyard eh?)

Photos will eventually follow, but blogger took four tries to post the previous picture, so maybe I will flikr and then slide them across that way.

The way home later ...... (to be continued)

As an experiment, here is my ISE5 scarf, done ..... just need to add some things to make the gift special.