Monday, August 25, 2008

Good times

This is my high school (except when I went there it was St Joseph's Girls High, not Bethany), and it's closing. The day has been coming for 43 years, since its opening in fact. Before it was a school it was the St George Leagues Club, and buried under the carpet in the foyer is a brilliant mosaic of St George himself, naked except for a flowing piece of red material (?scarf) covering the pertinent bits, on a white Arab stallion, with the longest, sharpest lance that ever did lance, oh and the dragon under the horse's hooves and looking a little the worse for wear. I started at this school in 1972, finished 1975 and for most of that time a trip to the office involved waiting in the foyer and looking at the mosaic. I wonder what will happen to it now? I have tried long and hard to bring you a photo, but the interweb has nothing...... if I find something later, I'll update.

Meanwhile, never get up and leave the bed unmade, the bloody cat will sneek in. That is so a LOLcat face!

And finally, after a hard day at work, and a couple of long weeks (insert your favourite grumble of choice here), I came home and smelled something wonderful. Imagine my surprise when I was served up a plate of the nicest chicken curry ever! Mild enough even for the other son Ben to eat, but full of flavour. Ah David that really made my day!

For anyone who is curious, after finishing school almost two years ago, and working for about 30 days during the past two years, and yes attending TAFE very sporadically, David has finally done one week's really hard work!!!!! Yay, only 35 years to go son, well done!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who is that Lady?

The lady second from the left, who went to school with my sisters and I (sister Carmel is last on right) is Maree Johnson, who was Christine Daae in the Melbourne production of Phantom of the Opera, so long ago. Yep, I embarrassed Carmel by asking for Maree's autograph. She is still one of the cool kids!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dragone .....

So seriously, this is taking forever to complete, but I feel a little chuffed with how it is turning out. The only parts left now are the borders, and I started the first one down the left side of the shawl after Davo and I unpinned the shawl from my bedroom door. I am looking forward to blocking the lace thoroughly and really showing the brilliance of the designer (Sharon Winsauer).

Has anyone mentioned lately its been kind of cold in Sydney. This is the first and probably the only time all three kitties played so nicely and all snored away on my bed.

Then on to the first pair of socks for the Summer of Socks (northern hemisphere incarnation). its Opal Petticoat, generic toe up for small ladies foot (60 stitches). Thank you to teddy who is just a camera hog.

And as always its never dull at Catherine E's place. Here is the boss of the gang, who came down to scout out if the glucose was safe to sip.

Have a nice winters day one and all.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday, what's on your desk?

Yep, that's an ice cream soda. Just call me a kid, and get over it. Full strength ice cream, real sugar (not diet) creaming soda. Yum! Posed artfully is the scarf I crocheted from the batt of fibre you sent me Kathleen. Its come up rather lovely, even if I say so myself. At about 2feet long, its plenty long enough to tuck round my neck twice, with the ends poked into the collar of a coat, very cosy.

The dragon shawl progresses. I am up to row 250, which is the crest of the dragon and the wing tips. Next comes some open net type stitches and the border. Should be finished by about 10th August, but certainly in time to wear to The Heidi's Wedding in October.