Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is the critter responsible for waking the lovely Elizabirthdaycake on her day off. Yep the orange spots really were bright international rescue orange. I took the moth outside without damaging it, and the first thing the bloody critter did was fly back inside the house, and into the girls' bedroom. Much squeeling and jumping on furniture followed, along with stomping, and loud shutting of doors. Ahh mornings, always invigorating!!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

During the week, a present arrived from the Shopping Sherpa, in the form of a mystery black and white box. When opened it revealed many cute and practical black and white items, from ice cube tray to bath glove, pencil case (with goodies) to jumping toy.

If I had a video of the dopey cat chasing the jumping toy it would be here, you will just have to imagine the cat jumping as the dog flipped, and then batting at it and chasing it round the floor. Whisper (the ginger cat) was no where to be seen during this procedure.

Then I finally cast on for the handspun socks, having got the hang of the figure 8 cast on, and am knitting away up the foot. The Jitterbug socks are progressing too, and (bad Gemma) the third pair of socks (at the one time, you silly girl, three socks on the go????) are getting longer too, top down this time, in Cherry Tree Hill, in a sell out colour of hot pink.

Cricket was a dud yesterday, as my boys lost, (but on the other hand, some other mum's sons won, so someone was happy). My nephew's team of 10year olds played against the best catcher I have seen in this age group ever. He took four catches, 2 of which were screamers, and one a lob, the last was fairly easy, but at 10, its a bloody hard ball, and most kids will just get out of the way of one flying towards them, so cudos to this kid, he's a natural.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

In my excitement, I neglected the other gifts, I got a Bill Granger cook book "every day", the new Thomas Covenant novel and a very large black dragon (seen here)

The only thing left was to unwrap the leg, and to give her a name ....... (never name people, or objects after beer), so that will have to wait till later today (that's the mechanically minded Lizzy in the background, as one of the others said "Most ! awsome ! present ! ever!"

Photo montage from my birthday (please blogger, play nice???)

We went out for tea (supper) and one of the girls left early, saying since it was one of her bud's from the office birthday too, she was out with him for a while after, and did I mind? Since he's cute and red headed I was happy for her to head off.

When we got home a little while later, this was the scene that greeted me, fairy lights and fairy creatures, butterflies and pressies. She's such a schemer!!

She had made my present from pictures on the internet, because winding skiens from around my neck or feet is just too funny for words she says. (bought the pieces, drilled, cut, sanded, varnished, put together - thanks to Unca Steve, Man (the Mower Man) and Little Ben and anyone else left out)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This lovely arrangement is brought to me by Elizabeth (the Wonderful). Go ask her how crazy is her mum.

All other birthday presents will be given tonight, when no one is at work, or not home, or asleep (David!!!)

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Out of the time and with all the caramel and pineapple (pdf file) exposed, my chosen birthday cake, yummmmmmm (must be eaten with whipped low calorie cream - sure!!!!)

The photos are of the promise of cupcakes, the toe up socks, off the needles and modelled by the very lovely Bandit.

Then there is the pot of flavours, parsley, sage, corriander, and thyme, along with two varieties of mint and passionfruit vines. Yum

Finally with the birthday cake, made by Catherine, which is pineapple upside down cake, my favourite in the whole world


Friday, November 02, 2007


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This is the stray almost grown up cat. Its quite ginger with a perfect plume of a tail, but its so matted with burrs and dirty that as I said, I'm sure the vet will have to knock him out to shave and wash him. Then it will probably take weeks for him to trust me again, but if we keep feeding him, maybe not so long.

Best of all, my cats don't fight with him yet, maybe he's too young.

The sock that never ends is still on the needles! Will eventually bind off and knit in the afterthought heel, but for now it just seems to go on for ever!!

I got my email today from Elizabeth, who is doing the knitting art project for her senior thesism which looks like it could be a challenge to me. But fun in a kind of exposing your inner most thoughts in two sentences at a time kind of way.

On the home front check this out, way to go Jejune!!!!! Hit the big time with Lime and Violet!!!

No photos right now, but cuteness will soon be revealed in the form of a scruffy but beautiful stray tom, who keeps appearing on my front verandah (no I am not really feeding it, not much, not often - but how can anyone let such a cutie starve????) When I have his confidence its off to the vet for a little operation, and possibly a bath while he's asleep, cause he's long haired and no one ever has brushed him. Bloody cruel way to treat any living thing.