Sunday, November 18, 2007

During the week, a present arrived from the Shopping Sherpa, in the form of a mystery black and white box. When opened it revealed many cute and practical black and white items, from ice cube tray to bath glove, pencil case (with goodies) to jumping toy.

If I had a video of the dopey cat chasing the jumping toy it would be here, you will just have to imagine the cat jumping as the dog flipped, and then batting at it and chasing it round the floor. Whisper (the ginger cat) was no where to be seen during this procedure.

Then I finally cast on for the handspun socks, having got the hang of the figure 8 cast on, and am knitting away up the foot. The Jitterbug socks are progressing too, and (bad Gemma) the third pair of socks (at the one time, you silly girl, three socks on the go????) are getting longer too, top down this time, in Cherry Tree Hill, in a sell out colour of hot pink.

Cricket was a dud yesterday, as my boys lost, (but on the other hand, some other mum's sons won, so someone was happy). My nephew's team of 10year olds played against the best catcher I have seen in this age group ever. He took four catches, 2 of which were screamers, and one a lob, the last was fairly easy, but at 10, its a bloody hard ball, and most kids will just get out of the way of one flying towards them, so cudos to this kid, he's a natural.


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