Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am the Lord high Excutioner!

I saw the Mikado tonight!! Anthony Warlow read Jack Sparrow and inserted a little Michael Crawford (and a POTO mask for good measure). When I get rich I am buying an opera subscription so I can sit down the front all the time.

Thanks to Dr G.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Knitting content

This has been a good week for knitting, although not for photography. I killed the screen on the back of my camera, which is not altogether traumatic except I don't know the menu options off by heart, so it's a little interesting trying to delete old photos etc. But I always used the view finder anyhow, so that part is not a worry.

But I have finished a shawl in Noro silk garden lite (purple/green colourway), for a gift, finished a scarf in Jet/random bulky grey fleck wool which was started at the Winter Warm day at Rosehill Racecourse so of course is now packed away for Sally for next year, and to do the right thing I knitted a beanie and added some gloves to make a set. I am trying to do a few good things in the next 12 months (dating from the day out at Rosehill), by knitting something for someone else in nice yarn (something to give away to Winter Warm), something I would have put my own kids in, each time I knit something for myself. I am also knitting from my considerable stash. Over the past 12 months I have been gifted some lovely Bluebell Crepe, and also some bulky wool blends. I am not cold enough in Sydney to wear the bulky wool, but it is totally suitable to knit into garmets to be sent to Afghanistan, where winter is by all accounts, rather cooler than here, with much snow etc. I don't knit gloves so I have bought some from the local shops here and am adding embroidery to jazz them up to go with the scarves and hats. Hopefully the blog will keep me on track to having a nice bundle for next year, plus when it is too hot to knit, I can just do some sewing on the gloves to take them from boring to something special. (you've done it now, everyone can see this and take you to task if you slack off on the project).


Also there is a new critter at the house, and it's official, I am a crazy cat lady. Same number of cats as children. Mr Jinx has come to stay and even the Bandit (Kamen) is accepting of him now. He is so not a knitter's cat yet though, he chases the end of the knitting needles, and when I am not looking he slips in under my feet to try and chew the yarn, that's one I have to nip in the bud!