Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunny Day

P5220385 by Gemma_Anne
P5220385, a photo by Gemma_Anne on Flickr.

So this was how I spent Sunday afternoon ..... knitting the blanket that never ends.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Since there appears to be some sort of rumour/misconception around my leaving the guild.
1. I don't hate the guild.
2. I have never said anything derogatory about a fellow guild member.
3. I have no hard feelings about anyone in the guild,

do you sense a theme, in fact I have total indifference to the Guild, but I do wish the Guild well. I hope they prospser and increase membership and promote knitting to all and sundry.

ps, see point 3. see point 2.
enough, move along, there has been no controversy,certainly no hard feelings, and that should be all! Don't look for trouble or slander where there has been none.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

OBDM (or as we like to say - WOW Wool day!)

Sunday saw me up bright and early to do a spot of planet watching, and just as quickly to jump back into bed and decide to get up a little later ......
(insert an hour or so here)

Anyway Sunday arrived and with it the reason for the excursion to Canberra in late Autumn, the rightly famous Old Bus Depot Markets, with their Celebration of Wool festival. As in past years there were many indie vendors, each with their unique brand of wool or fibre and I have to admit, I did a little damage to my bank account with more than a few of them.

Cazknits of Canberra, her work was spectacular as in past years, but her partner in loveliness Michelle was sick in hospital, still her silk/wool handpainted lace beckoned as did her wool/cashmere/nylon sock yarn!

Wool Dancer (another Michelle) was there and her colourful display did not disappoint. Roving in all shades of the rainbows and often all at the same time were a glorious sight! She was friendly and on top of all questions and enquiries, and she even had some quirky drop spindles for the novice to play with and buy at really reasonable outlay, so even if you had never spun fibre you could go away from her stall with the makings of a new addiction (opps!) hobby.

There was Glenora, Camolot, Happy Spider to name just a few. The Spinners and Weavers and Felters were out in force and raising money for a good cause, so I spent some money there. I also showed enormous restraint when looking at the corridale people in the little room at the western end of the markets building, not buying the fleece (because there is only so much time available to me for processing the fibre I buy before I spin it), but buying instead some perfect grey processed top from them, soft and will be a perfect project for the weeks ahead (only 400gm, but since I love to work with lace, I will spin it fine in order to ply with a black possum/silk/merino yarn I bought from Glenora.

The markets were certainly scooped by the time I got there around 10.30am, I know because many of my Sydney friends had planned on descending on the markets right on opening, and meeting later showed me they did indeed buy one or two things. I was there also to buy from the local providores, and took home sourdough bread, cheese, olives and vinegars to round out my trip.

As always I look forward to my next Canberra trip!

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