Friday, May 20, 2011


Since there appears to be some sort of rumour/misconception around my leaving the guild.
1. I don't hate the guild.
2. I have never said anything derogatory about a fellow guild member.
3. I have no hard feelings about anyone in the guild,

do you sense a theme, in fact I have total indifference to the Guild, but I do wish the Guild well. I hope they prospser and increase membership and promote knitting to all and sundry.

ps, see point 3. see point 2.
enough, move along, there has been no controversy,certainly no hard feelings, and that should be all! Don't look for trouble or slander where there has been none.

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At 8:13 pm, May 20, 2011, Blogger Kris said...

Whoa! Haven't heard any of those rumours. I wondered about your leaving and asked you at Camp, and I thought you were very fair and pleasant in your answer. I couldn't imagine you being nasty or vindictive about it. How random!

At 12:03 am, May 21, 2011, Blogger Catherine said...

Goodness, who have you been starting rumours with lately?

At 2:29 pm, May 21, 2011, Blogger 1funkyknitwit said...

It's your choice to leave the guild and if there are rumors etc. I haven't heard any - happy knitting Gemma ;D

At 11:22 am, May 22, 2011, Blogger knitabulous said...

I haven't heard any rumours either - but I am very glad to hear that you're not upset or angry. I wouldn't like you to be upset or angry, cos you're tops.


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