Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Today we met up bright and early, setting out of a road trip to visit a sock factory at Crookwell. that was so much fun! We will be stocking a range of these socks in the shop.

We used the trip as an opportunity also to be tourist, stopping in small towns, revisiting places we had been to in past lives. For me it was Eagle View at Rydal. A very long time ago Geoffrey and I stayed there, it was amazing!

We also took lots of photos of places we saw, here is a quick rundown.

The traffic light is of course a novelty, especially where it currently sits, in the bush above Kandos.

Kiamma Creek is for Sr Catherine, who is in Kiama at the moment, and well the others are pretty and so deserve our attention. The church is at Wallerawang, and is the Church of St John the Evangelist

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