Friday, July 27, 2007

My daughter (also Kat) loves reading the mags here at work. In the Delicious March 2007 issue she found the following receipe, which she cooked for me last night. Its truly sad that only she and I like blue cheese, so she only cooked one pizza, but we polished it off between us. No photo, but I know she took one and eventually it will end up on her flikr page, where I will scoop it and add it here.

Maple-glazed pumpkin & blue cheese pizza (vegetarian)

500gm Jap pumpkin
1 tsp each chilli flakes (had these) and cumin seeds (substituted curry powder)
1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil
1/4 cup (60ml) pure maple syrup
2 pizza bases
100gms grated mozzarella
100mg mild blue cheese (I used Mainland creamy blue) crumbled
100gm rocked leaves
1 tbls balsamic vinegar

heat oven to 200 C, grease baking tray.
Cut the pumpkin into 1.5cm slices. Spread on baking try, rub with the chilli, cumin oil and syrup, season with salt pepper if desired (we did not add salt/pepper) and roast for 10 minutes.
place pizza bases on large baking tray and scatter with the mozarella, cook until cheese is bubbling and bases are crisp.
Place pumpkin slices on the bases (reserving pan juices), scatter with blue cheese and return to oven for 2/3 minutes.
Scatter with rocket.
Stir the balsamic into the pumpkin roasting juices and drizzle a little over the pizzas before serving.

Delicious always has something in it I want to try, sometimes I even buy a copy for me because there are a few things I fancy.

Blogger hates me, and my dog hates me, the cats positively loathe me, and now the weather god hates me ......
good thing the kids still love me or I would have a real inferiority complex right here. The pic above, which I was not allowed to blog about by blogger (????) caused the dog to be on a long lead, attached safely to the hills hoist to keep him out of the way of firstly the acid wash for cleaning the boring white/grey concrete and then off the top coat of the stensiled concrete, which is some kind of acetate. The pets don't of course understand it was all for their own good, cats can clean their paws, but imagine that stuff going into their little tummies, so they were shut into the house for the whole day as well as all night. (everyone please remind me next time I think it's a good idea to stensil the driveway why it's soooo not). Hey but on the good side, it looks nice. A brisk sweep when its all really set (about 4 days in this weather) and move in the new (imaginary) lawn furniture, absolutely next on the shopping list, after the new fence - situation getting a little desperate here), and the new roof, which started today not long after I left for work, right before the lovely (I really love rain, but not today) rain of course!!!!

Caved to buying yarn - Purl yarns had some sea silk, and it was on my wish list so I bought one skein, ahhh what to knit, or should I just fondle it for a month or so? Should arrive soon .... hello Mr Postman, you are my new best friend ....

lets see if blogger co operates with the rest of the photos .....

Finally finished enough half done projects to allow myself to start the mystery stole 3. Yay.
And a note for my sister, Cat, here is the start of something special. The camel/merino you bought me .... its soft as soft, cloud like, with really long fibres, spins nice and fine, but does not hold the twist too well, so instead of lots of single, went with 2 ply. There is still about 170gms to spin (it sure goes a long way). Should be enough for another shawl here, which is kind of thrilling really. Still have the clown fibre from Ewe Give me the Knits to spin as well, so lots to look forard too.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


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Not just dogs like sleeping on their backs. If I am silly enough to tickle that fuzzy belly I'll likely lose a finger (or hand).

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm on Ravelry user name Gemma (strangely enough). (mmmm can I go home from work with some mystery, undefined illness that will keep me off for a looonnng while???)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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This was so much more beautiful in real life, but you get the general idea. There was frost, and glittery morning sunlight, and by their powers combined there were little diamonds sparkling all over my car. I'm a bit of a freek but I love cold weather, and frost (which is something I never had as a child, living as I did much closer to the coast) brings out the little kid in me - besides at that time of day none of my kids are up, so I can be a little silly, not just sensible mum. I sure love winter, and this one has been so perfect.

And just to remind me of whats ahead, the daffodils are poking their shoots up and promising spring. Yay

An answer for Kate, the shawl I knitted in Vintage Hues was the Triangles with Triangles Shawl

Published by Fibre Arts, it was an easy knit, and of course when done in a bulky yarn also very quick. Its seen a lot of wearing this week because its so soft to snuggle into.

I've just spent the past week away from home, staying at a B'n'B on Camberwarra Mountain, just north west of Nowra. So quiet, situated on the corner of two streets, maybe twenty cars passed the place in the five days I stayed there, and the postie only visited three day .... cows mooed, frogs croaked, birds sang... well you get the idea. When I booked the lady who owns the place apologised that they do not get television/mobile phone reception (guess what I said to that!), so as I say it was perfect. There was rain for three out of five days, and sun for one, but all I did was knit and walk, and take lots of dopy photos of cows etc. I stayed in a renovated (?) settlers cottage, bedroom, eating type room (not a kitchen), bathroom, and verandah, all extremely rustic, but beautiful, with an overgrown and wintery garden, complete with some plants from my youth - elephant ears and may/hawthorn bushes - no idea what the correct name of the elephant ears is, but will post a photo tomorrow when I remember to bring in the disk. Silly Gemma, already took them off the camera.

Much knitting was done, monkey socks, hand spun cardigan (2 fronts and half the back), hand spun cashmere (yum) worked into a scarf, mitts for my mum, french market bag. Everything is not quite finished, but I really needed some time to start going on some new things and this was the perfect time, and better yet all was knit from my stash, except mum's mitts, which was wool left over from a pair of sock she knitted! How well behaved, I told myself, and then on the way home I stopped in to Victoria House Needlecraft at Bowral
I bought a little Jo Sharp because I always wanted to see what the hype was about. The Alpaca Kid Lustre is so lovely to knit with, I bought two balls to make a scarf for a present in the palest mossy green (almost cream) and it knits up so perfectly, I almost wish I had bought more (bad Gemma, you absolutely do not need any more neck protection, yes but maybe a sweater or something? Stop it! Get a grip woman!) So dragged myself out of the shop and went straight home.

Of course with housework, and real work, and offspring, knitting progress has slowed back to normal, but it was so much fun for that week. I came back to the office so refreshed, which is the point of a holiday after all, and having used almost all of my hand spun am now free to spin some more. Of course when I visited the Quilt Show in Sydney I bought some fibre to spin from Bendigo .... mmmm everyone loves Bendigo, and there is still the camel and the lovely fibre from Ewe Give Me the Knits, oh what to choose first ..... be sure I will show you here ASAP.


Cat's cardi
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This is the first sleeve of an entralac cardigan, being worked by my older daughter. I have never knitted entralac myself, but since I taught her to knit, that makes me clever by association, right????? Its in Vintage Hues from the 2007 pattern book.


Friday, July 06, 2007

vintage hues
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This was a very quick knit, four balls of yarn and 8 pattern repeats. It was 1 metre short in the end for finishing the border, so its modified a bit. Now all it needs is to be steamed I think. Its a bulky yarn so I don't think it needs blocking as such, just to even out the border. Yay two FO's for this week.

The second is a hat for my sister, which I have yet to photograph, but taken from this pattern. Thanks demon knits :)


vintage hues

vintage hues
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scrunched up shawl, one ball of yarn

With credit to the South Sydney Rabbit's website (and deep apologies to my dad - the St George fan) here is my lovely neice and her friend, winners of this week's "can you see the red and green" fan competition. Prize 4 return tickets with an aussie airline anywhere in australia, very nice.