Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogger hates me, and my dog hates me, the cats positively loathe me, and now the weather god hates me ......
good thing the kids still love me or I would have a real inferiority complex right here. The pic above, which I was not allowed to blog about by blogger (????) caused the dog to be on a long lead, attached safely to the hills hoist to keep him out of the way of firstly the acid wash for cleaning the boring white/grey concrete and then off the top coat of the stensiled concrete, which is some kind of acetate. The pets don't of course understand it was all for their own good, cats can clean their paws, but imagine that stuff going into their little tummies, so they were shut into the house for the whole day as well as all night. (everyone please remind me next time I think it's a good idea to stensil the driveway why it's soooo not). Hey but on the good side, it looks nice. A brisk sweep when its all really set (about 4 days in this weather) and move in the new (imaginary) lawn furniture, absolutely next on the shopping list, after the new fence - situation getting a little desperate here), and the new roof, which started today not long after I left for work, right before the lovely (I really love rain, but not today) rain of course!!!!

Caved to buying yarn - Purl yarns had some sea silk, and it was on my wish list so I bought one skein, ahhh what to knit, or should I just fondle it for a month or so? Should arrive soon .... hello Mr Postman, you are my new best friend ....

lets see if blogger co operates with the rest of the photos .....

Finally finished enough half done projects to allow myself to start the mystery stole 3. Yay.
And a note for my sister, Cat, here is the start of something special. The camel/merino you bought me .... its soft as soft, cloud like, with really long fibres, spins nice and fine, but does not hold the twist too well, so instead of lots of single, went with 2 ply. There is still about 170gms to spin (it sure goes a long way). Should be enough for another shawl here, which is kind of thrilling really. Still have the clown fibre from Ewe Give me the Knits to spin as well, so lots to look forard too.

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