Monday, March 24, 2008

Don McLean concert .... where to start. The opening act, Sinead Burgess, what a shame she was only on for 30 minutes. She was enthusiastic and talented, and were it not for her the concert would have been a dead loss. (Note to Opera House, never let the roadies play with the sound levels!!!!) Worst sound in the history of the Opera House, loud crackly noise through the first 5 or so songs, with Don constantly being drowned out by the bass guitar (yes people, bass, drums, electric keyboard, grand piano, treble electric guitar). The only partly decent renditions were by Don accompanied only by the piano or a very clever electric guitar player. All in all time and money down the drain. Despite a 10 minute standing ovation by the die hard fans who stayed till the end (yep me too) no encore, not even a quick wave to say thanks. Just house lights and roadies. mmmm won't be doing that again.

On the way home on the train had a very fun time with a bunch of Irish youths (girls and boys) who were getting off at the same station as me. One of the boys, perhaps a little worse for drink, gave me a hug and asked me how was life, then wished me a happy Easter. The night was not a complete loss/



At 8:46 am, March 29, 2008, Blogger Hedgehog said...

That's a shame. When he came to Melbourne a couple of years ago my husband went to see him and actually got to chat to Don afterwards. I think it must have been a much smaller venue.


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