Saturday, May 05, 2007

On Saturday morning, when I went walking ........
okay, I really bought these on ebay, but I was just bidding in the spinning wheel and the bobbins. Imagine my surprise/delight when also included were the combs, lazy Kate, carding combs and 2kg bag of merino roving, as well as four bobbins of really well spun singles, equivalent to approx 4ply.

Now all I need is more time.

Thank you Mr Ebay ..................



At 5:43 am, May 09, 2007, Blogger Gryphon said...

Oh, Gemma! Love your post and you have no idea how great it was to have someone actually comment on my blog!! You might want to check out Sweet Adelines International for choruses in your area. Try Our director, the fabulous Kim Kraut, goes to Australia about 3 times a fact is on her way tomorrow! She goes to coach 3 or 4 choruses. Maybe one is near you!

I agree...eBay is great! Hope to hear from you again.


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