Friday, February 22, 2008

After spending too much time angsting this week, here are some nice things that arrived to cheer me up. I am completely over having bad weeks, and from this time forward, declare all bad weeks banned!!!!! Bug off bad vibe fairy!

Sometime not long ago, Amy said she had heaps of bookmarks left over, and was willing to send them to the wide world. Knowing I was waiting on Amazon for copies of her books (yep that's 2 of 4 in the photo) I piped up and asked. She sent them along with two skeins of the loveliest pink (you know, that really does not do the colour justice, its so much more than pink) hand painted sock yarn. Really is super, and looks like its next up for the knitting.

Book one and book the third, hopefully Amazon will come through before I sucumb to temptation and read them out of order.

Ok, I know I will be in trouble for this one, but it was too good not to photograph and post, and because you don't hear him speak, you don't realise but the young man in the shirt was a hottie too, pommie accent, very sueeeet!

Socks at work, because even though there was *hit loads of sstuff to do, I had had enough by about 4.30 today.

Finishing off with two faces of my evil kitty, bandit.


At 9:40 pm, February 22, 2008, Blogger elizabirthdaycake said...

man talk about cradle snatcher :)

At 7:01 am, February 23, 2008, Blogger Amy Lane said...

Evil kitty...evil. Baaaad. (But so snuggly!)

*g* I'm so glad you liked the sock was dyed with plant stuff found here in my neck of the woods...thought the trip to Australia would give it some polish:-)

(Enjoy the books...and flirt with the boys...that sort of beauty really is meant to be enjoyed, even if it's in a hands off sort of way:-)


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