Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wahoo! Back from my real holiday, one week at beautiful Broulee Beach. Half of Canberra apparently travels to Broulee for their holidays, hi Canberra people, in fact according the the guy who runs the caravan park where I stayed, 70% of all who stay there during the year are from Canberra, 20% from Melbourne, and I fall into the 10% other category. (Broulee Beach Holiday Park).

Photos are being uploaded to the Flickr page, even as I type, but here are a couple as I love photo blogs.

We travelled to Bateman's Bay for the day, and as well as eating 2 dozen oysters, we went on a lunch cruise up the Clyde River to Neligen. What a lovely trip, the second time I had done it in three weeks, and still fascinating how they have to raise the bridge for the boat to travel under it and up the river.

Sometimes it works better when people don't know you are taking their photo, but mum always looks now to see what I am doing so I can't sneak one in on her, so here she is posing in front of Broulee (not an) Island.

Still four days till I return to paid work, but much washing and cleaning has ensued, since even the best children (and I think I have four of the best) can not quite clean the way I want the place done. (Thanks Davo and the SIH for mowing the lawn and doing the edges, that was a great surprise to come home to).

And here is teddy, modelling the scarf of bamboo (a sample of fibre)

Oops, no idea how that one got in here ....



At 9:19 pm, January 17, 2008, Blogger Taphophile said...

Hi 10%! Glad you had a good time - pity about the going back to work bit.

At 7:50 am, January 18, 2008, Blogger TinkingBell said...

So hard going back to work after a break (mine's been a long break - but then being a mother is work - they just don't give you a group certificate!) Looks like a great holiday!


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