Thursday, December 27, 2007

What do you call someone who sends you a lovely, hand made gift? Someone you have never met, and only recently discovered? It has to be a friend, of course, but just someone unexpected. Despite the loveliness of Christmas, despite the usual family friction when there are 40 or so people together who sometimes get along famously, and sometimes not so much, there is a thrill when something unexpected and so special arrives with a postie early in the morning, out of the blue.

Dear Janet, thank you. The quilted square is exquisite (there is no other word) and the cards delightful. You don't know me at all, but the little bangle of beads broke me completely. When I was 13 or so, my dad worked for "Which Bank". (At that time Papua New Guinea was getting set for independence, and Dad was on the senior team for setting up the national bank of New Guinea and their own currency.)

We all got "Mari Beads" as presents when he was away for a month at a time (over a very long time as I recall). We loved this simple gift, made by the native ladies and sold at markets and on street corners to the tourists. The bangle brought it all back, the presents, the coming home, and in a nice way. But because I always miss my Dad, especially at Christmas, this tiny little thing made me smile and cry. Its too hard to put into words, but you gave me something totally special this morning, thank you. (hugs). I really will have to get to know you much better.

See the little red beads in the top of the picture?

All these lovely things, wrapped in an origami box, and packaged in recycled packaging, wrapped for posting in a calendar page! Totally brilliant.


At 12:27 pm, December 27, 2007, Blogger Janet McKinney said...

You are welcome - sometimes it is just fun to do something surprising!

I am glad it brought back memories.

Janet McKinney


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