Saturday, December 22, 2007

Many photos ......
for reference, the first sunny, summery day of summer 2007, and it was very bloody hot (32 C) and because of the previous weeks of rain, steamy. Not to worry though, by night fall, the southerly had come up, rain was threatening, and not a star to be seen.

There is Bandit, looking very displeased with the whole photo thing, and Pepsi (very bouncy puppy from *Robeeerrrttt's!!!!!!!@#$%* house. Yep its that kind of place with robert is home, from the Balkan Peninsular, and completely mad, but his family are really nice. Maybe Gypsies left him with the parents and ran away, knowing he was a lunatic.

Finally Dragon, but mostly a photo to show off the grass, which is recovering after two years of not much rain, and looking and feeling very lush. Yep the edges need doing, or in some places the dog almost disappears in the long stuff.

Its all very quiet in the run up to Christmas here. The final game of park cricket is on this arvo, and then its a BBQ here (not to self, go buy gas bottle!!!)

Much spinning has been taking place, and knitting is slow now that the two Christmas pressies are done and gifted. The fibre is from Mandie at EGMTK from the fibre club, optim and lovely to spin. Truly it reminds me of fruit tingles more than anything else (especially some of the plied bits, they are the rainbow lollies, very rare)

Yes Kat, I have to take tablets, first time in three years, really nasty mossie bits, infected and made my leg swell up and turn firey!! Doc took one look and did not even touch to feel the heat. Don't worry its all better now.

Merry Christmas, its raining in Sydney, the dog is chasing plastic bottles round the back verandah and the cats are trying to get out of the laundry. Life calls ....


At 1:29 pm, December 22, 2007, Blogger Janet McKinney said...

That spun wool is gorgeous in colour. I agree looks like fruit tingles

Janet McKinney


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