Monday, December 10, 2007

So its Monday, and the Kitten has been gone since Friday morning, but only out of Aus since Saturday morning. When I got up today there was an SMS saying she had arrived safe and sound. Will have to check out SKYPE some time soon. There is 13 hours difference between us so night time is a good time for her.

By the way Cath, this is definitely not Davo watching junk tv in your tv chair of doom! love mum

Also included for your viewing pleasure, Elizabeth off to the work Christmas Party.


At 6:46 am, December 12, 2007, Blogger Catherine said...

I never said they could watch cricket on my telly! Get that crap off! Before you know it they'll be corrupting it with supernatural and it'll all be downhill from there!

Liz looks gorgeous. I love that top on her.

At 3:35 pm, December 13, 2007, Blogger elizabirthdaycake said...

Please like I would let him watch cricket in my room! It was Fat Pizza :) such intellectual things we watch


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