Sunday, December 16, 2007

2nd Post!

A few shots to show how good (dry) the front yard is looking. My favourite tree at this time of year is the Snow in Summer tree, and when full of flowers it also supports a large population of tiny brown flying beetles.

Unfortunately due to the dry conditions in Sydney, we have lost one of the diosma shrubs, and yesterday I took the time to cut down the sad remnants. At present its been replaced with a number of pots from round the yard, until I have time to dig over the bed adding compost and think about a suitable replacement.

Finally, the first apple on Pink Lady. Lets see how we go with this tree during the following months. There ae two trees in the yard behind our house, but they may be too far away to really cross polinate our tree, and we may need to add another sooner or later if we want more than blossoms.


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