Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fairly delicious, if I do say so myself.

Good morning Kitten, Happy Christmas, hope it snows for you all day.

Because you are so far away, and living with vegetarians, here is a pictorial summation of lunch, which as you know is usually pretty yumm on Christmas day. Lizzie was playing lady muck, so used the crystal creamer as a gravy boat, and I'm sure Granny Ruth was turning in her grave and saying "she's just like her mother!" while secretly smiling. Ben slept through lunch, getting up around 3pm (but its been that kind of week for him). Luckily we had dished up a dinner for him, Sorry chick, it was turkey, stuffed, ham, potatoes, pumpkin (only for Liz and Me), peas and carrots, baked capsicum, gravy, cranberry jelly. Washed down with alcoholic bubbles, mmmm champagne, how I love thee.

The end of the meal of course was celebrated with Aunty Norma's pudding, boiled fruit, very good, with custard and cream. Later I rolled off to bed for a nap! tonight our time I will hope to give you a call.

Love mummy



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