Friday, August 20, 2010

Charity Knitting

I'm not usually a fan of charity knitting, life being too short and all that sort of thing I would rather just throw some money at the problem.

The floods in the sub-continent of India are just so sad, and it's always the poorest of the poor who are hit hardest. The officials can sometimes be corrupt and skim the aid that's organised and meanwhile the people in so much need are left with very little. Luckily I know someone who knows someone. My gift can go from hand to hand to a real person. So my usual answer is not enough this time. I have so far knitted two hats, with more to come (we have a time line of November for the items), and because it is change of season I have been scouring the Op shops near work and for $1.50 each have picked up some really good quality jackets for little people. Best and Less is having a sale and so I got some kids socks (not as nice as hand knit, but there is a limit to my charity knitting love and socks are outside the line).

If you feel the urge West Ryde Guild has a person who will be hand delivering clothes/goods to an orphanage in Indian Cashmere in November, let us know and we will collect clothing to be added to the delivery. Share the love.



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