Monday, June 25, 2007

While we were waiting for the wool to microwave on this day, Sunday last week, and yes I know I am a very bad blogger, we (my sister - shoulder and chin in this photo) fed the magpie family, the rainbow lorikeet family and the flock of white cocky's that turn up at her place most days of the week.

Its always somewhat magical when wild critters arrive and interact, and the magpies knocking on the back door, or sitting on the window sill if they are ignored, is certainly entertaining.

They are not dependent on Cat for food, they all scrounge around the other yards and in the national park, just down the hill, but they come around on occasions to show off the latest baby, or for a little augmented mince (the local vet does a roaring trade in the things to feed wild birds).

These some dying experiments with a 60/40 wool/acrylic 5ply that mum was given, approximately 800gms. She wants to make a cardi. It was David Jones brand, and we all know just how long it is since DJ's sold wool, so its been sitting in someone's stash for a while.

The dark blue is a 100% wool. It sure takes the dye so much more nicely, but the blue/green is a little darker than in the photos, as usual, make an allowance for the flash.

Picture heavy post warning, (well after all it has been a while).

On Sunday I visited my sister, then we headed off to see the mother, and her twinny who was visiting from Ballina.

This photo shows where I get my own ash blonde locks from .....
Then there is Lauren, who at 12 is just short of needing a baby cup to drink from, and finds it hillarious to carry on whenever she has an audience. Good thing she really is funny!!

This is the tropical (?) wool I did for me, Loz got maroon/blue - school uniform colours, and Cat did green/blue/supposed to be purple, but more of a dark blue, all in 10ply Bendio Aran.

So this has been the past two Sundays, full of family, some of who are too shy to post for pics, but at least one is an absolute camera hog (no names but it could be Loz), hope you enjoyed.

and to paraphrase a great blogger,
Whisper says mmmm .......

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