Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy happy me, finally getting to blog. On someone's blog I saw the other day, a neckerchief, which was so lovely. It was a pattern from Yarn magazine, and made in a handspun, and as chance would have it, I had just completed the same pattern with the roving I received from Kat for mother's day. (Now if blogger co-operates a pic of the finished shawl/large trigangular scarf will appear here!)

Scuse me while I hide in shame, its not blogger's fault, I left the uploading camera thinggy somewhere(?) I hope in the bedroom at home (black hole of disappearing things). Also finished are the pair of socks in the Orchid colourway from The Knittery, and very nice striping they have too.

With the left overs (not much) I will make matching wristlets as seen on many blogs recently and wear them over a pair of black (boring) bought gloves, to accessorise and look really smart (just don't tell anyone that the four matching pairs of gloves and socks I have is just matching tubes of fabric over the store bought gloves (he he, I cheat when no one is looking).

Hopefully will post pics later.

On the fiscal fast, I can't believe how much money I must have spent previously on things I did not need, as there is a substantial surplus in my bank account (anything over about $100 as a surplus is substantial lately) so if I keep working through my stash, and save the left over money, Canada (hi Uncle Ed, want a house guest again???) will be a reality in 2 years, not 4 or 5. OMG how much do I spend on stuff I don't actually need?? This has been a very good exercise for me, thanks N.S.S. for the inspiration.

I have bought yarn, but (ah there's always a but :) ) I used a store gift card I was given for Christmas, and have $2.95 or something still left to spend on the card, so if its not real money, its not real spending right? Bought some vintage hues because it looks nice, and stole/borrowed the pattern book from Kat, have not decided which one to make, but will be making a cardigan, as I am sick of the old ones I keep wearing in basic black/navy. Need to liven up the wardrobe, and knitting keeps me out of mischief. Hey that's the theory anyhow.

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At 10:27 pm, June 14, 2007, Blogger The Shopping Sherpa said...

YAY! I was wondering how you were doing at the Fiscal Fast. Well done!

Have you thought of knitting some flower brooches to liven up your cardigans?

At 1:59 pm, June 15, 2007, Blogger Taphophile said...

No, gift money is definitely not real money - it's play money and can be used for toys of all descriptions. :)


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