Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fiscal fasting.
Oops, have not been giving a run down of menus, although sounds like The Not Shopping Sherpa has a far more exotic fridge than me ..... smoked salmon and blue cheese, just in the fridge. Would not last 10 minutes at my place. (note to self, get small bar fridge and power point to hide in built-in wardrobe to keep yummy stuff away from ravening hordes)

Please do not think I endorse the following products. Not an ad for N*metics. Just saw the catalogue and like the knitting goodness on the front cover. Being a good fiscal fast person, did not open the book, just passed it to the next secretary on the list.

Brekky is tea, white with no sugar thanks. Toast if I am particularly hungry. Except on Sundays, when it is what ever I think needs using up from the pantry/fridge. Sunday this week was butter, maple syrup (real stuff I brough home last Christmas), and bananas (well I don't want to throw them out do I?) in the non stick fry pan, high heat, and pour the resultant caramel over the last of the ice cream ...... ok I had been up spinning for a couple of hours at this stage, so it was much more like morning tea/early lunch! This is how I keep my luscious figure!
lunch (for the third day in a row) rice porridge - rice, leftover roast port, vege stock, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce. absolute comfort food! (good with a tbls sour cream, but alas no in fridge at the beginning of month, more notes, do extravagent shopping before declaring a non-shopping month - duh!) Dinner is usually veges, meat (although not for all and not always) and carbs. Not usually dessert, although there is always yogurt and fruit available, and bread and several spreads.


At 1:34 pm, June 05, 2007, Blogger The Shopping Sherpa said...

Re: "exotic" food in my fridge : see previous note about living alone!

justify smoked salmon by working out that it costs me around $2 a meal and since I don't eat meat... And the blue brie? I buy the individually wrapped wedges - sure they're a little more expensive but they last heaps longer (ie: I don't accidentally eat the whole thing when I just meant to use a little bit) and I often melt them through pasta instead of making a cheese sause - very quick and easy.

Oh - and while I'm on the subject, the "triple chocolate" biscuits are only Weight Watchers ones, nothing very exciting at all...

At 5:13 pm, June 05, 2007, Blogger Jejune said...

Ooooh love the sound of the bananas and maple syrup! And don't you just love luscious figures ;)

I don't think I could do a no shopping month for food, not with 2 adults and 2 teens to feed... but I did clean out my freezer on Sunday and we had frozen leftovers (heated up, LOL) for dinner, so I'm feeling virtuous (for a few days anyway).


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