Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One of the things I've always done, when I am feeling tired or a little blah, is cook. I would have made a good "movie farm mum". You know always with a pot of something on the go, kids friends in and out of the kitchen, etc. Not baking mind, just pots of stuff.

Its one of the things I really missed when I went back to work full time. Average day, up at 6 (that's cool, cause I like mornings and its quiet) put wash on line, get kids up etc ...... you know the drill. Go to work. Get home 6.30pm. Cook? WTF???? Me???? I don't think so. Boil pasta and make cheese sauce (tomato etc. etc.)(whoops, one of the kids reminded me of the sausages, lots of sausages, visions of every flavour and type of sausage dancing around the kitchen waving at me). Skip forward 10 years (any yes the absent husband would say I am twice the woman I was then - and not always in the most flattering sense).

Least you think that's all we subsisted on, luckily for the family I don't always feel so uninspired, no one has starved in this house (yet, but if the boys don't clean their room, I may go back on strike and starve them into submission!!!)

Anyhoo, yesterday I had cravings, which is never a good sign, so instead of just veging when I got home from work, I cooked. (note to Not Shopping Sherpa, yes first I shopped, potatoes, leeks, onions, parsnips, sweedes - $15).

This morning I got to play with my favourite kitchen appliance, my stick blender, and the house is full of the smell of potato and leek soup, litres of the stuff, yummmm. I feel better, and none of us will mention that I was washing up at ummm 10.30 last night so there would not be mess in the morning. It was so worth it. Also in the oven, bbq ribs (sorry to the vegetarians out there) real ones not like the ones in the fast food ad doing the rounds at the moment. (I love that ad, the kids always ask "why don't those ribs look like yours? eeww I don't want those" See that's why we have offspring, so finally they can look at fast food and actually prefer your version.)

So no knitting at all last night or this morning, but much good feelings of another sort. I love feeling this useful!


At 1:29 pm, June 05, 2007, Blogger The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to get over here to see how you're doing with the fasting

There's only one of me and more of you so you get to shop more often - but I'm impressed by the list (yummo - swedes! And parsnips! Both in season so probably cheap. I think I'll be getting me some of them this week - do you think they'll have yams yet?)

Anyway, we get to make the rules up as we go along, remember? It's half the fun :-)


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