Monday, June 04, 2007

Remember the Mother's day roving? Fruit punch colourway ..... orange and pink in various shade values of same. Sunday morning when the sparrows f*rting got me up (early) I took myself to the sewing/craft room and settled in to spin. From 156gms of roving, I spun three balls of approximately sports weight yarn, which is still nice and soft to knit, not overspun (remember I am just a beginner here :) ) and pretty even. So I decided to knit a small shawl/large kerchief I saw in this Yarn magazine. I love this mag, and have just renewed my subscription.

Also a FO, the Sea Silk scarf. The zig zag of the colours shows up really well in this shot.
Now to block and wear. Wahoo!

Sunday was a lovely lazy day, first spinning, then off to mum's where we sat knitting. Finally before I headed home a stroll around the grounds and some photos of mum's absolute favourite flowers of all time, pansys.

The socks are a gift from my boss who could not find the yarn I asked for on her one day off in San Diego, but at least she knows I love funky socks.


At 5:03 pm, June 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You spin really well for a beginner Spinner!
I'm loving that scarf too :-)


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