Friday, January 16, 2009

foto on friday

The neighbours have knocked the tiny front veranda off the front of their house, then they took out the front steps. This is what is left.

Next they started in on the driveway. I am wondering if they are planning to brick veneer their house, but we have not been informed by the local authority of any work. It's tempting to call up the council and ask for an inspector to come out and check what they are doing.

Playing with the macro zoom on the baby camera. Self sown tomato bush.

And finally, my ISE7 scarf. It's done, and fringed. Its approximately 1.75 metres long and really soft, knitted in Lindcraft Prism, 70% merino 30% soy.

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At 11:54 am, January 18, 2009, Blogger TinkingBell said...

Such a pretty scarf - and so hot there

we only started summer last week - and had the hottest day in 8 years at 31 degrees.

Still - we're off to SA next week - that'll be a shock!

At 6:36 am, February 27, 2009, Blogger Nichole said...

It is gorgeous... I LOVE it... and I LOVE, LOVE that it is so nice and LONG............. :) You did an awesome job!


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