Thursday, May 07, 2009

bad park 2

bad park 2
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Normally I never laugh at someone's misfortune, and really parking meters in a street full of doctors and sick people is somewhat mean, but today I saw something that just took the cake. If you can't see what I mean, look at the gutter. Yep, whoever parked this one put it fair and square across the middle of the driveway (of a block of flats). The funniest part was though that she took the parking infringement off the windscreen of her car, and just opened the front door of it to put the next slip of paper on the dashboard to park for longer. I was actually glad I had sat in the sun knitting and waited for the driver, because she had no idea she was across a driveway. None at all! She looked completely surprised when I explained why she got the ticket and had to turn around and look at the flats to process that she really was blocking the access of around 16 people. She must have been somewhat stressed not to have noticed in the first place.


At 10:02 pm, May 08, 2009, Blogger Jejune said...

Oh dear, poor woman, LOL ;)

It was so good to spend time with you at Knitting Camp!


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