Saturday, October 03, 2009


Otherwise known as Saturday. First Saturday is usually Southern Guild, but it's Guild Camp weekend, and so my local guild is not on. I went instead to the Rubi & Lana knitting group at Bar Fresko instead. Counting trackwork, it took about 1.5 hours to get to Gordon and about the same to come home (home by 5.30). I was early to arrive, so I got off the train one station early too, Killara, a very leafy and pretty part of Sydney, and walked through the back streets to Gordon, getting some much needed exercise, and due to them being back streets, filling my senses with birds (including a very muddy looking kookaburra) and some fabulous bottle brushes. I love spring in this part of the world.

The knitting was fun, with some lovely things on display for show and tell, and the company was grand. Mel (GingerM on Ravelry)came too, and I got to hear about her first week in the new job. Sounds like a challenge, which she will enjoy.

The food was good, the company bright and fun and conversation stimulating, and so much about the knitting. All weekends should be so good.

I also popped into Gretta's a Lindfield before the meet up, so had some fun with window shopping, and a little yarn may have been bought. Also a pack of Harmony Knit Picks DPN's in my favourite size for socks. Have to get hold of a camera and post some photos too.

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At 9:47 pm, October 07, 2009, Blogger Glenda said...

hiya,just popped over to see your blog and loving what I am reading.,Come see mine if you want I am part of the blogfest and love all the blogs to see.,love GlendA


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