Monday, November 28, 2011

original tank stream

original tank stream by Gemma_Anne
original tank stream, a photo by Gemma_Anne on Flickr.

What I did on my weekend. I explored the Tank Stream, which is of course now a closed in tunnel. In 18... it was finally covered over for its entire length. Many parts of this convict work still remain, and twice a year Sydney Water and the Historic Houses Trust open a small section of the tank stream for visiting by the general public. Places are decided by ballot (I tried for six years (12 times) before I was lucky enough to get on the tour).

Strict health and safety procedures are in place, air is blown down the drain for a couple of hours, and the water board guys scrub the walls and flood the tunnel with disinfectant.

next we have to put on knee length gum boots, hard hats (with our own lights) and harnesses. Lastly before descending the ladder we had to sign away our first born child, and all rights to eeverything should something go wrong.

of course nothing did, and on my flikr account are a few more photos. I still can't believe we did this!

how was your weekend.


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