Monday, September 05, 2011

What's going on ....

At the moment I am house sitting. The position comes with kids and dogs, so it's rather full on.

Add to that the publish post button does not work on the computer at work (where I usually blog), it just says "javascript:void(0)", and I have no 3G coverage at the house where I am living, means the blog is being neglected by default, not intention.

The view is worth it, and walking the dogs at 5am has compensations of no cars, no people and so many stars.

However, I miss my grown up kids. I miss having grown up conversations, and just the company of adults. I've got out of the habit of being the grown up, with my kids we're all adults and I don't feel responsible. It feels kind of funny really.

I miss the pets too, cats especially. Dear old dragon, you would like it here, there are some sunny corners to nap in, but the puppies would drive you spare!

I have finished the small shawl, Asterope. looking for my next project .....



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