Monday, June 27, 2011


Morning tea here,
lunch here
both yum, that's for sure.

sighted (at least) one whale, my first ever, and when the man on the train pointed to the window and told his kids really loudly, that's a whale, I thought, sure bud and that other thing, flying pig, but we had a great view from the top deck of the train, and perfect visibility, and really, it was a whale. Seen by approx 30 people, for many minutes, blowing and generally splashing.

On the way home, again in the train, we saw a little dark wallaby, sitting trackside, waiting for the train to pass so it could cross the tracks! Another first for me.

Finally picking up David from Yagoona station 11.55pm last night I saw a fox. This does not sound like much, but Yagoona is a very urbanised area, with no bushland in this particular part, just road and railway lines. I know there is a drain under the roadway approximately where I saw the fox, and it is not too far from a couple of very overgrown hillsides/parks, so maybe this was where it headed back to. It was doing what foxes do well, and scavenging from rubbish from the local takeway, which some yobbo had thrown on to the road side. To confirm I had not just seen a dog, I did some U-turns and came back home the same way after picking up Davo. He and I aimed the car's headlights at the fox and had a really good look from about 5 metres as it also looked at us, slowly picked up its booty and headed under the fence and over the railway tracks!

three firsts of wild life all in one day, a little yarn and fabric shopping. That was a pretty nice Sunday.

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