Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Future fun

With everything that is going on around me sometimes it's hard to stop and write. Since last post I have been on weekends away, had a pet in hospital, a sick day off work, shared adventures with friend and had to share adventures by Twitter because I could not be there in person. I love being busy, but sometimes I wish I could slow down. Been to: Jervis Bay, Killelea State Park, Sussannah Place Museum, Weroogil, ballet (sleeping beauty. Had lunches, dinners and high teas all over Sydney (and the Illawarra) Been with friends and family and been on my own. It's been very hectic and enjoyable. My niece Melissa married her man, but if geffo hadn't told me I'd not have even known. His special friend has just had her third breast cancer operation, which is frankly horrible, no one deserves this shitty disease. Bandit the terrible has just come home from4 days at the vet hospital because of another abscess, wish he would just flatten bloody Mr Jinx. I am yet to get to the north wst for a prayer session at St Dominic's, built i'll get there soon.


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