Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sometimes I just wish people were not so helpful. "Oh look!!!" said the doctor joyfully (it was in her voice, that little "I love spiders and isn't it wonderful when the wildlife comes inside" voice.

Yep over my desk (for who knows how long now, but as I type two days) there was a "rain spider" or huntsman. Apparently harmless, but fast. When they go, they really go. Now I have the biggest crick in my neck from constantly watching the big guy (approx 5 inches across leg span). I don't know what's worse, (if he is not there when I come in then where is he????) or if he is still there. In all the things I have come across in 48 years, and that includes snakes, cockroaches, rats and mice, and kids, nothing frightens me like spiders (that's because they are like zombies, and jump on your head and suck out your brains..... ahhhhhh). (sorry that's just my whole spider phobia). Anyhoo, since the ceiling is about 10feet up, he is safe from me, I just hope he respects that and I am safe from him too.

My Tiny Wee Sock arrived from Bibby, who knitted it in Trekking XXL. She knits superbly, her stitches are so fine, its a little bugger of a pattern, with not quite enough room to manipulate stitches like in a real sock. Lovely work, thank you Bibby.

The unbelievable pink soy silk is spun, and after getting my copy of Spin Off I do believe I will try cabling. (4ply, spinning tight singles, tight 2plys and then cabling two bobbins of two ply yarn in the same direction as the original singles really quickly so as not to undo the two plying, only sound slightly terrifying). The pale pink is a merino top from Mandie (of course, my favourite supplier) in the Sugar ' n ' Spice colourway.

Cheers one and all, have a great day (ps its raining in Sydney once again, my grass has not looked this nice in years!)


At 9:28 pm, April 16, 2008, Blogger Jejune said...

Good idea to take the spidey outside. We tolerate them inside while they're 'ickle bickles', but once they get 'hand sized' out they go!

The Tiny Wee Sock is so gorgeous!! And great job on the spinning - just beautiful :)


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