Saturday, May 09, 2009

Op Shopping

I often fail at op shopping. I never have enough time to really plumb the depths. Today was an exception. I had done the chores early, given the house a quick once over, and decided to visit the mother in law. When I got there no one was home, so I decided to just pop into the op shop, it was early, and I had plenty of time.

Praise Rudd!!!

I went ever so slightly OTT. I trawled the old/vintage knitting books and bought a few but then I did the real damage as I headed over to the bookshelves. To name just a couple, I got Exploring King Arthur's Britain (hard over and full of exquisite pics of "arthurian" ruins - marked condition) $2, The Macquarie Bedtime Story Book, $4 (excellent condition), Jenny Kee Winter Knits 1988 - (autographed, good condition)and lots more. The cream on the cake however, was "A Tolkien Bestiary" by David Day (yes I already have a copy published in 2001, what of it????) Today I got the original, published in 1979, book in good condition, dust jacket showing lots of signs of wear, $4! Be still my heart.

So I spent some more of Rudd the Dudd's fiscal bonus, but best of all I had a great time since there was no time pressure on me. Also the books at Salvo's Yagoona are, for one day only, slightly organised.

I love saturdays.

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At 12:55 pm, May 21, 2009, Blogger TinkingBell said...


well done you - what a great use of the Ruddbux!

At 3:21 pm, June 09, 2009, Blogger Jejune said...

Oh, good haul - it's like treasure hunting, isn't it!

I don't think I'm getting any bonus, no sign of anything yet :(


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