Monday, October 05, 2009

Day 5 (part two)

My family can tell you, I'm not fond of thunder, and today was a day of really good storms. Lightening is not to bad if I am inside, but thunder overhead (and we had thre or four of those in the last few hours) is pretty frightening for me. (yep there is a childhood link in there too! In year four we used an old cottage as our class room, and after school, several students and the teacher were stuck on the verandah while a storm passed over. From the tail end of the storm, when the rain had all but stopped, a bolt of lightening struck the power lines running from the street to the tin roof of the cottage, right in front of where we were standing. The thunder seemed to happen before even the lightening (but of course it's all tied up in how your body receives the input). I was already falling down to my hands and knees from the fright of it all.

But talk about deja vu, when we were having our home fitted for a new verandah roof a few years ago now, from an overcast but dry sky when we were standing round discussing quotes with the verandah guy, the power lines across the road from our home were it by lightening. There was even brown smoke drifting up from the wires after the strike. Unfortunately I was flat on the ground, quivering like a jelly. I was so scared, the husband had to physically lift me up and help me into the house. I was crying and shaking so hard.

Today during the storm, Bandit shot across the bed (and my legs) like a rocket and hit amongst my shawls in the cupboard, behind the almost shut door. I knew just how he felt, and wondered if it would be too weird to climb in there with him. You know? I hate being a grown up sometimes. Ben came into my room and made sure I was okay, while Lizzie comforted the dogs. Once the storm passed the dogs had the best time ever though, as the yard was full of puddles and they love nothing better than splashing through the mud and rain. Just don't mention a bath okay?

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At 1:12 pm, October 06, 2009, Blogger TinkingBell said...

I love storms - but have bad memories of them - my fondest storm memory is sitting on a verandah with a G&T on Langkawi Island in Malaysia, watching the daily storm, complete with lightening, thunder and enormous quantities of rain - a bit like a movie - every afternoon, betwen3 and 4.

Feel free to climb in the cupboard if you want - everyone is scared of something - storms aren't mine, but if you have mentioned spiders.....


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