Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am experimenting with cabling with the extreme pink soy silk and the sugar & spice merino. I read of the technique in Spin Off (the current magazine) and just knew 1 part hot pink to three parts soft pink/gold would be just yummy. So far am about half way through the first plied bobbin. The idea is to heavily spin the singles (S), heavily ply (Z), and the lightly cable 2 of the plied bobbins (S). Here's the progress so far, this is 1 part hot pink, 1 part pink/gold. More tomorrow when I get the second bobbin ready to cable. That's a Canadian penny for scale.

A little more eye candy, socks toe up 3/1 rib,

shawl in Kid Seta, and

Short Sleeve cardi in Ranco Multi.

There is more, but the're about to get frogged, as they have all been waiting for so long to be worked on, and I know myself well enough to know how that will end.



At 12:21 pm, April 20, 2008, Blogger TinkingBell said...

Lovely lovely spinning - you're so clever!!
I must learn - in my copious free time (LOL)

At 6:16 pm, April 23, 2008, Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Oh Wow,Ive got that issue and lost it in this messy house to only find it today,must go and have a look!!!!
Love those pooch pics too!!!!


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