Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Smile it's Spring in Sydney

I met mum for Father's day. Since fathers are a little short on in our families, we got together and went window shopping at DJ's Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

Great shoes, and dresses I remember from when I was a kid (1970's) and mum and us girls would get about in shifts, full of summery flowers and great colours.

And a perfect fascinator for the Spring carnival.

And then for when I get home, perfect sneekers!

We checked out the place where the really well off shop (DJ's food Hall). Can you imagine buying enough steak for even a small piece each for 6 people???

And Dragon/chicken, that was completely overwhelming.

And to finish, we called into the men's wear store,
and visited the chair (now removed) where my
Grandfather always had a little sit
when he came to the city, before shopping.

And hey, its no fun if you don't fool around .....


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