Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Day 6, Back to work and the theory of relativity

I always find going back to work after a long weekend a shock to the system. I have no idea why. I have been working full time at this job now for nine years, shepherding the mentally ill in and out and generally being a bit of bar tender as I listen to their stories. Its a job that suits me very well, they're mad, I'm mad and well we all understand each other most of the time. But man oh man, add in a long weekend with the changeover to daylight savings (the dumbest idea of all time) and add in waking up in darkness again, and today I'm totally stuffed.

But enough of that, there was a lightening storm in Sydney last night that was a ripper. The cats thought so too! And listening to one of the patient's parents today, there was also a beaut storm up in the Blue Mountains on Saturday. At least I was inside, but this family were having a walk in the Wollami National Park, when a tree 2 metres in front of them was hit by lightening. Now that's invigorating. When they got over the shock they raced back to their car and relative safety. Makes our storm, where I was safe inside wrapped in a blanket cowering, positively tame! It's all relative really.

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